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Crispy salmon with smoked paprika and sweet and sour cucumber gel


Growing up in the country side, Stefano learnt first hand about seasonal food from a very tender age, about how things grow, and about the ecosystem of the garden. Sustainability is also a key driver for him, his cuisine is systematically adapted to what every season and place have to offer, dealing with fresh products wisely and respectfully.


Private chef Stefano draws on his Michelin-star training to provide bespoke culinary experiences. Whether you want to organise special events, family vacations, business travels, parties, practical training for your kitchen staff, develop a menu, Stefano will work with you to produce a custom consultancy package around your needs, sharing his love of cooking with the world for over 10 years.

Tartufo al cioccolato con gel di frutti rossi, cacao, more e dischi di cioccolato temprato
Chef Private chef Chef privato


Stefano Manganiello is an ambitious young chef with passion for food and arts, fuelled by inexhaustible energy and great ceative innovation. Stefano went to UK at the age of 21, hungry to learn and succeed, he continued his career in prestigious and Michelin-awarded restaurants such as Little Social Kitchen, Pollen and Sixty-one Restaurant, working under some of the best chefs in London like Jason Atherton, Arnaud Stevens, and Nathan Muir. This solid training pushed him to broaden his experience and knowledge,  he moved to France, Qatar, Malta and Spain and thanks to his countless trips he developed with time his own cuisine, mixing innovative techniques with different food culture features.

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